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ll images on offer were designed and painted by myself, Karin Malan. I’m a self-taught artist. I lived in Botswana for 23 years but moved to George, South Africa in 2020. I’ve had numerous exhibitions and my work has been sold in Botswana, South Africa, Australia, America and the UK.

I am passionate about sharing my art and open my doors to students on a weekly basis.

hat started out as a hobby has become an obsession and a life choice. I am inspired by movement in my subject matter and the organic flow in my painting medium. I started out as a watercolour artist and loved the push and pull that the different pigments created. It was whilst allowing the oil paints to flow in a similar way that I discovered my painting style. Every painting starts with a pouring.

Sweeping Strokes is a place where I can share my creations with one and all. Where I can make my art accessible to everyone by selling it on a digital platform. I will be uploading new artwork as they are being created.

About the Shop:

Sweeping Strokes is a digital shop where your favourite wall art is instantly available for download.

Once you’ve added your selection to the cart, your purchase will be facilitated by a secure Paypal payment solution.

Simply register a user account as part of our checkout procedure and your sale will be processed. Once payment is confirmed, you log back into your account and download your files.

Easy, simple and secure.

Things I’ve Done:

I regularly exhibit my work.

After our last exhibition, my co-exhibitors and I were featured in the Peolwane magazine, December 2018.

In collaboration with the Philatelic Society of Botswana I’ve designed and painted a stamp range entitled “Children of Botswana”.

I’ve love children’s books and have done illustrations for educational material.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop and I hope you’ve enjoyed my art as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

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